Music Videos
Around Surrey and London

Why have a Music Video?

A music video is one of the most important ways to promote yourself out there as a musician. Creating one to a professional standard will help improve your image whether it’s a live performance or a music video. We develop the idea and style with you to make sure we produce what you had pictured.

Why us?

Our team is passionate about music. They have a wealth of experience producing music videos, they even ran a live national music competition featuring 14 different musical acts.

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Music Video Packages


Features Basic Advanced Premium Gold
Shoot Length 1 day 1 day 2 days 3 days
 Shoot Locations 1 2 4 6
Crew 1 2 2 3
£500 £700 £900 £1500

Upgrade your Shoot!

We include professional HD equipment in all our packages, but we also offer a range of upgrades to further increase the quality of your video. Want cinema quality slow motion? We can supply a digital cinema camera which captures stunning HD video and smooth slow motion. Want more movement? We can provide additional grip equipment including jibs for sweeping shots and dollys for tracking shots.

Digital Cinema Camera with Slow Motion: + £400 per day

Jib: + £60

Dolly:+ £70